A common rule that business owners must abide by is to ensure that their buildings are able to meet fire codes. The codes are in place to ensure that fires can be controlled when they occur, as well as so smoke can easily be exhausted out of the building. If you are preparing to run a business out of a building, it is important to find out what the fire code requirements are in your area. You should then hire a smoke control testing consultant to ensure that everything in connection to your fire system is in a satisfactory working condition. In this article, you will gain insight into the services that a smoke control system design consultant can provide.

Documents Must Be Approved Before Testing Begins

There will be numerous documents that must be approved before any smoke control testing is done in your building. The approved documents must then be given to a special inspector so he or she can move forward with the process. For example, there will be documents that contain drawings of various parts of the fire system that are in different areas of your building. Fire alarms and automatic fire suppression equipment are some of the things that will be drawn in the documents. Architectural aspects of the building will also be included in the drawings because they are important for determining if your building is constructed in a way that is ideal for fire safety.

A Smoke Control Test Plan Will Be Drafted Up

A smoke control test plan will be created that will consist of several things being done in your building. The plan will include testing individual parts of the fire system to ensure that they are functional. Each part must also be inspected to ensure that they are located in an ideal area of the building for want they are being used for. For example, the fire sprinklers will be tested and examined to determine if they should be relocated in the building. Basically, the plan will come in handy for determining what should be repaired, replaced, or installed to bring your building up to the fire code laws.

Air Ducts Will Be Inspected for Leakage

Air ducts are an important part of a fire system because they assist with routing smoke so it can be exhausted out of the building. The ducts will be inspected to determine if there are any holes or cracks that allows smoke to escape out. The joints to the ducts will also be inspected, as they create ways for the smoke to leak out when they are not in good shape. The amount of pressure that the ducts are able to handle will be tested.