Pre-employment aptitude tests are meant to help you weed through a high number of applicants. Some companies receive hundreds of applications for every job opening that they post. Sorting through so many applications and giving each due consideration is not only time-consuming but also exhausting. An aptitude test can help you pick from a pool of applicants who are not only qualified for the job but also ideally suited to it. Aptitude tests use a series of questions, tests, or tasks to help sort people by their ideal aptitudes, and then your HR department can select someone with the right personality and traits for a job. Aptitude tests are able to help you avoid a lot of problems; here are four to consider. 

1. Unhappy Employees 

Aptitude tests don't only benefit the employer, they also help the employees. Employees who are ill-suited to a job feel stifled, stressed, annoyed, and overall unhappy. A pre-employment aptitude test can help you avoid employees that are less than enthusiastic about their jobs. You can see someone's strengths and find a place for them to shine. When people are using their gifts, they are happier and more productive. 

2. Interpersonal Conflicts 

When you screen potential employees with a pre-employment aptitude test, you are able to spot potential conflicting personalities and create harmonious work teams that can build off of each other's strengths and shore up each other's weaknesses. A pre-employment aptitude test makes it easy for you to spot the puzzle piece your team has been missing and create a dynamic and agreeable work environment. 

3. Poor Job Performance

When you hire someone who does not have the aptitude for a position, they usually do not perform well, and you may soon be searching for a replacement. A weak team member can bring everyone's productivity and work ethic down. People can look good and qualified on paper, but actually doing the job can be a different story. Pre-employment aptitude tests help you avoid putting the wrong person in the wrong place and help you keep your teams productive and their work of high quality. 

4. High Turnover 

If employees are hired into the wrong job for them, then they tend to quit after a short amount of time which can cause you a lot of hassle. Pre-employment aptitude tests can keep your turnover numbers down by helping you find the perfect fit for new hires.